February 5, 2017

Sunday February 5

More laundry...

Mary Ann and Chris both got hot/cold treatments from the MBT students at Sunshine Orchard for congestion in their chests. Then they laid on the floor coughing and resting for an hour.

After lunch, we went back to our guest...

February 4, 2017

Sabbath February 4

We had breakfast at 7am again.  Church started at 8:30 am and Sabbath School was after that at 10am.  Not sure why they do it that way.

They filmed a bit after Church.   Most of the filming happened when we did outreach in the local villages (afte...

February 3, 2017

Friday February 3

Up early because breakfast starts at 7.  The young people here have worship in the chapel at 5:30.  But we thought getting there for breakfast at 7 am was early enough, especially since so many of us are fighting sickness already.

After a...

February 2, 2017

Thursday February 2

We slept in some and went to the restaurant next door for breakfast at 10 am.  We tried dried orange treats that most of us decided tasted mostly like orange peel, though a bit less sour and bitter.  Most of us didn’t like them.

Natalie and...

February 1, 2017

Wednesday February 1

Up at 5:30am to get the kids ready to go to the refugee camp.  LeRoy had permission for only 3 gulowah (foreigners) to go into the refugee camp, so it was James, Lilyann, and Mary Ann.  Memewah was to drive one bike as guide and James the other.  Me...

January 31, 2017

Tuesday January 31

We enjoyed a yummy breakfast of rice and stir fry with cabbage and tofu.

Several village ladies came to visit. We all sat down on the floor because they are intimidated by how tall we are.

Lisa, with her daughter Memewah translating, was able to determi...

January 30, 2017

Monday January 30

We got up a bit later than we wanted to, because of the late night.

We had a lot to do, packing up and getting ready for the adventure to the border.

Jon left to get the van detailed before returning it, and the kids and I got the laundry and breakfast a...

January 29, 2017

Sunday January 29

We woke up at 7:30, so tired still, and my back still hurting some.

We had planned to leave at 8 for Wat Rong Khun, the white temple, but couldn't.

Jon contacted Gop to ask if he could go back to the church and look for the card.  He said he would and as...

January 28, 2017

Sabbath January 28

Going to a Lahu village with the team this morning.  Have to be ready by 8:30.  Jon and James left at 6:30 to go shooting.  They took the motorbike.  They had tried to take the van, but it didn't want to go in reverse....

January 27, 2017

Friday January 27

We went looking for breakfast but not much was available. It is Chinese New Year and most of the restaurants are not open yet.  We finally gave up and walked all the way to the Corner Cafe again.  They were only serving western food, no Thai food, beca...

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