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MissionTrek Launch!

7:28 pm January 17, 2017

Takeoff from Atlanta. First stop: San Francisco!

A bit of confusion figuring out where we were to leave from, because it's a domestic start to an international flight! We left from the domestic terminal. This is the first time that has happened at any airport we have ever flown from, unless we knew beforehand.

Not so sure about the whole Air China thing. But the tickets were pretty cheap!

Everyone is in good spirits. Jon is sick and coughing, Mary Ann coughs occasionally, everyone else seems well.

All of us are completely exhausted.

Looking at the next 48 hours, or something like that, until we see beds due to the long flights and our about 13 hour layover in China.

We are all excited to see the places we'll be visiting in China, including the Great Wall!

First Stop: San Francisco!

10:57 pm Pacific Time

Aka 1:57 am Eastern Time

We are blearily waiting for the flight to Beijing. Changing boarding passes. Trying to stay warm.

Feeling like we've been up for almost a day already. I woke up at 5:30, so it's been about 20 1/2 hours already.

Yeah. We're tired.

Kids are excited, though. James has done some shooting with the A7, Jon did a little, James with the GoPro, and Jon has been learning what kind of results he will get with the 360 camera. Now he does the selfie stick with the iPhone with the 360 cam on it. He's too much!!!!

The last hour and a half of the flight to SFO was extremely bumpy. Some of us were feeling a bit sick. I didn't feel sick until the landing, which was bumpy also. Everyone seems to be past that now though.


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