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First Interview!

Monday January 23.

We had worship together and Lilyann shared about Enoch from the Conflict and Courage devotional. We were all encouraged by it.

We had breakfast at Ricky's because everywhere else was closed. Monday is a holiday for some people here, and many shops were closed. The orange juice lady was gone too!

We had planned for the crew to go to the Thailand Adventist Mission (TAM) headquarters and interview Greg Whitsett and get a tour, but he hadn't responded to Jon's email yet.

We were supposed to do an interview with a missionary from another country, but hadn't heard from her either.

We had a production meeting and decided we would keep trying to contact them both and see what God did.

Soon we had word from then missionary that she would head our way soon. It gave Jon and I time to get a bit of administrative and accounting work done.

She was dropped off on the other side of the Wat (temple, sorry I don't remember the name of it) from here, so Chris and her kids went to meet her and bring her here. They found a book store so they were able to buy magnets and maps of Bangkok and Thailand which we've been wanting to find.

Once they came to the hotel, we talked about what we were wanting to do and how to do it. She is working in an area where it is best not to share her identity, so we will not film her face or give her real name.

The girls went through their list of questions with her so she would have ideas of how to answer. James and Luke got everything set up to record on the roof of our guest house.

We used the little mics that plug to the iPhone for recording. The girls shared one and the missionary wore the other. We were all praying for good audio because the construction sounds from next door were very loud. They were cutting cement, the crane was in operation, and they were hammering something. Praise the Lord, He gave good audio!

Once we finished, we put everything away and James and Jon headed out. Jon has been needing to go to Bangkok Bank for two years to change his phone number on the account there. He finally did it! Then they met up with Josh Bauder, gave him his package from me, and talked to him for a bit.

From there, they went to MBK and got some supper and a smaller camera bag for James, to make it easier for him to grab his camera quickly to "run and gun" shoot for the show.

The rest of us walked down to the Joy Luck Club for supper, so share some Thai food with our visitor. We were sad to discover chicken in one of the curries. Thankfully it was discovered before much was eaten.

After that, we went down the road looking at funky pants and dresses. Then we went to the fish massage place. Fish massage is where you put your feet in an aquarium full of baby catfish and they come and eat your dead skin. Luke and I did not do it, but the rest of them did. There was a lot of giggling and screaming going on at first! The fish didn't seem to like the loud wiggly ones much. They preferred when their food was still and quiet.

The little lady that worked there told Mary Ann she was the dirtiest one because she had the most fish, while Sarah was the cleanest because she had the least fish. But then, just a few minutes later, she said Mary Ann was a mermaid because she had the most fish. Seemed like conflicting diagnoses to me.

After this, we walked and found Roti, most of us had banana with chocolate, one had banana with Nutella. Turns out chocolate is sweeter. :)

We walked some more, looking for a juice or smoothie place since our favorite fresh-squeezed orange juice lady was closed. We ended up at Ricky's. They were out of mango, though, so that was disappointing.

Some headed for bed while others waited with our guest for her uber taxi.

It had been a long day and we were very tired. Didn't walk anywhere near as far as we have been, but it was tiring nonetheless.


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