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A "Down" Day for Some

Thursday January 26

It was good to sleep in after not sleeping well. The pillows here are too thick for my neck.

Jon got his shower and headed out to pick up the "van" we will be borrowing from a church member here. It will be a blessing and will give us flexibility in our travel plans. It seats 7, so having 8 or 9 in it will be extra fun. :)

Once he came back, he and the kids took our laundry down to the place down the street where they charge 40 baht per kilo of laundry. They didn't say how many kilos a weeks worth of laundry weighed.

Then we walked a half mile to the restaurant we found during our trip last summer. It's called the Corner Cafe and is outside and the food is good and not too expensive. Mary Ann wanted it last night but we were too tired and hungry.

Jon exchanged money again. After we ate, we walked back toward the hotel, then Jon and James headed out to see if they could get money to buy motorbikes with, while Mary Ann and I walked the rest of the way to the hotel.

Chris texted to say their laundry is all washed and hung up to dry and they are thinking of going to the mall. I think doing our own laundry would be cheaper, and thankfully they can because Jonathan has a coin operated washer where he lives.

I worked on getting the posts and pictures ready for the website and Facebook and actually got one post done! Mary Ann came and we went through lots and lots of pictures to narrow them down.

Jon and James were gone until 6 pm looking at motorbikes with Jonathan and Luke. Chris and her girls were at the mall for a few hours, looking at the local wares and prices.

We paid for our rooms again and headed out for supper. We tried a very popular restaurant just down the road but found that the food there was not as good as we found the night before.

We had worship and the kids headed for bed. I felt I should call Julie before we went to bed so waited for her to arrive at work and called her. She hung up on me at first, because of the delay she didn't recognize my voice. But somehow she heard me say, "she hung up on me!" So when I called back she answered right away.

After we talked for a bit, we hung up and I did a little more work then went to bed.


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