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Long long flight. I think everyone slept some. Of course we are still tired.

The food was interesting. I think that's enough description. :) Our meals weren't vegetarian, so we could not eat much. Good thing we took sandwiches with us! Adams did have vegetarian meals, full of mushrooms. Which some like and others don't like. :)

I sat next to an older Korean couple, but I didn't realize they were Korean until we were getting off and I heard the lady address the flight attendant in Korean. Then it all made sense. They would speak Chinese to them to tell them what food was available, then he would ask me and I would say it again in English.

We had the privilege of helping them in the transit process, too, so were able to be a blessing to them.

Snow on the Road in Beijing

1/19 4:00 am. Arrived China

Of course, we lost a day and there's a 13-hour time difference from home, so that's like 3 pm the day before.

Guess we didn't need a Wednesday this week.

It is snowing and the flight crew said it was 27 Degrees F.

It's cold and windy. Might not get to see some of the things we wanted to see.

We got our 72-hour transit visas, thankfully free on arrival.

We were met at the airport by some Asians who work together here, who will take us on a tour today.

It's 27 fahrenheit and snowing. They say the wind is blowing hard at the Great Wall and the gondolas are closed. Glad for that!!

They are concerned about us being cold. We don't have enough clothes for this! But at least it's only a day, right? And to have the opportunity to meet believers in China of all places. How humbling is that!?

Little bits of shooting after we got off the plane, but mostly we are tired. :)

Driving to a farm now to see it. They said it's an hour from the airport in good traffic. Not bad traffic, just every time the driver had to stop there's a little slickness under his tires when he tries to go again.

Wow. Tired.

Wow. China. We are in China. God help us to be a blessing here. And not to endanger them in any way. Help us to be the tourists we are.

Semi-American breakfast they say. And then authentic Chinese food for lunch. Pray not too many mushrooms.

People out there on bicycles and motorcycles. It looks so cold for them!!!

1.6 Billion people live in China. About 40 million of them live in Beijing. Wow.

Our friend is telling us how things are different here. There are so many people we can't expect to have room. And if people do things we think are rude, they really aren't, they are just different.




The land that Hudson Taylor and so many others have prayed, lived, and died for.


For so many, the enemy. Yet home to so many others that have a right to God as their Father, just as we do.

It just hit me, we are driving on the same side of the road as we do at home! One thing in common.

4 pm

What a day it has been. First we had awesome omelets with tomato vegetable soup, toast, apples, and dragonfruit.

Then we had a tour. There were garden areas, one even partially underground, in which they are growing lettuce and other greens, chickens with their protecto-geese, along with some nice living, study, and working areas. The people were great!

Then we got in the car and drove to Badaling. We climbed a small part of the Great Wall! We've heard about it and seen pictures all our lives, and now we have set foot there. Along with millions of other feet. The stones are worn down so much that some dip down in 2-inches deep. That's a lot of wear.

It was awesome! And absolutely freezing!!! 27 degrees is one thing, 27 degrees with high biting winds is something else. We all wore borrowed coats or we might have just taken a picture at the bottom and gotten back in the car saying, "Yep, it's there, we've seen it!"

As Chris put it, "The memory of our trip to Great Wall is frozen in our memory!"

So, if anyone is thinking of going to the Great Wall, DO NOT go in winter. Unless, of course, you only have a long layover once and you don't know if you'll ever get to China again. Then, dress like it's 10 or below. Because it might have been, with the wind chill. Or pray you meet some friendly people that will loan you coats if you don't have enough!

The locals say it is prettiest in April or fall. And nicer weather. But don't go in summer because there are mobs of people there then.

We looked it up and found out they began building it in 770 BC. And it was completed in the 15th century AD. And someone told us earlier it's 20000 kilometers long.

So, we've seen the Great Wall. Jon and James have been shooting pictures and video so we can include it on the show.

Then we headed back into town to go to Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square, and for Chinese food lunch. We got lunch. And it was awesome, they brought a number of different dishes for us to eat. There were noodles and veggies, blueberry juice and juice of a tiny tangerine that you eat with its skin. Fresh and cooked, hot and cold. It was all placed in the middle of the table on a giant glass lazy Susan. Then you turned it and got what you wanted with your chopsticks unless there was a serving spoon. If you were fast enough, you could get it before someone turned the lazy Susan. :)

By the time we were done, they had checked the traffic reports and traffic was bad, so we decided we would have to skip Tiananmen and Forbidden City and go directly to the airport.

So we headed to our car by way of a street where we could see some "interesting" things. Yeah. How about scorpions on a skewer? Or cuddle fish? Or all sorts of souvenirs. Or ??? Definitely interesting! Some of us were having trouble with our stomachs.

They bought a fruit skewer that had small apple-looking fruit dipped in sweet glaze of some kind, making a hard shell. We each got to taste it. Very different from apple, but pretty good.

So we are driving to the airport now. Flight leaves in 3 hours and 10 minutes. We have to check in and do immigration and security. And we're not there yet! No time to waste!

We're all tired. Grabbing catnaps when we can. Blearily going though the day.


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