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Sabbath at Yanhee


Jet lag

Woke up sometime because someone knocked on a door. Awake long enough to figure out that it wasn't our door. Awake several other times. Got up around 5:30.

Going to Yanhee Church today. Mostly Filipino church. Karlo Diel is pastor there, Kirsten's brother (Kirsten adopted James when he was in the Philippines, she is his Filipino Mom). We have to share a short thing about MissionTrek during church or something. And we have to share during AY.

We had to get two taxis to get there. Jon, James, Mary Ann, and Lilyann were in one, Chris, Sarah, Luke, and I in the other.

The taxi driver knew Yanhee hospital, so we arrived at the hospital easily. We had to walk a little way to the church from there, and arrived during Sabbath School song service.

They did a group activity during Sabbath School. Chris, James, and Jon went up front and presented the thoughts of their groups.

Church was very good too! The talk was about the sanctuary and the meaning of several parts, how they point to Jesus.

Then we had potluck lunch, all vegetarian. (I think the non-veg people ate next door.)

People were talking with us. Then a couple young people that are starting media here wanted some advice. And during the whole time a trumpet and saxophone were practicing in the same room. So hard to hear.

Then we had to start AY. James played the piano and the rest of our family led the singing. Then Jon started speaking.

He shared his testimony. Even some medical memories from Papua New Guinea. He spoke for about an hour and a half. The people were very interested and seemed to be connecting with it.

Everyone came and wished us Happy Sabbath again (they did that during the Sabbath School break also).

We left there about 4 and took taxis to the nearest BTS station, then took BTS to the MRT interchange, crossed under the road, and went to Lumpini park. It was almost sundown, but there were lots of people jogging and exercising. The loud music extremely large exercise group were going strong.

Until 6 pm. Promptly at 6, in all public places, the Thai national anthem plays. Everyone stops what they are doing and stands respectfully facing the flag if there is one, otherwise, the speaker the music is coming from.

So everyone stopped and stood still. The joggers, the exercisers, walkers all stopped and stood. We had been sitting at a picnic table, so we stood and listened too.

Jon and James shot a little with the girls with the pond in the background. Lots of paddle boats out on the pond. They have regular-shaped paddle boats and swan-shaped paddle boats.

A couple egrets and other birds flew by and landed down on the little "beach" below where we were sitting.

The sun got lower and lower and it wasn't good light for shooting. We headed out. Back under the road to the BTS station, BTS to National Station - MBK - big shopping area with large electronics section. Got a SIM card for Chris so we have 3 working phones now. Good to be able to keep in touch when we're in different taxis and separate rooms.

Taxis back to the Guest house and Ricky's for supper, although we all were just about too tired to eat! We went to bed at 9 something. Have to get up early in the morning to go to the floating market.


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