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Sunday: White Temple, Sticky Falls-Again!

Sunday January 29

We woke up at 7:30, so tired still, and my back still hurting some.

We had planned to leave at 8 for Wat Rong Khun, the white temple, but couldn't.

Jon contacted Gop to ask if he could go back to the church and look for the card. He said he would and asked us to pray while he went. So we spent time praying. Then Jon looked though again. He found his little adapter, by the way, in a little fold in his bag!

But not the card. I went to shower and while I was showering, he went through his pants pockets, because Lilyann said she thought she saw him put it in one of them. Nothing. So he looked in his shirt pocket, and there it was!!! It was not there last night, but it was this morning! Isn't God good!? We immediately praised God with weeping. What a blessing! Then he put it in the computer to copy the files off.

Then he contacted Gop to tell him. Gop said, "That's why I couldn't find it at the church!" We are all so thankful!

We got around then, took laundry to be washed, and went to 7-eleven to get water, bread, yoghurt, snacks for their breakfast. Chris, Sarah, and I are not going. It's a 3-hour drive. She's doing laundry and I'm doing blog posts. :). We are hoping also to be able to get massages later too.

I had pad Thai and a mango shake for breakfast at the Peppermint Coffee House. It was very good!

After getting two posts on the website and Facebook, I rested for a bit and then headed over to the massage place that was recommended. I had to wait 40 minutes. They were very busy. I had an oil massage. Part was relaxing, part was not. :). But hopefully my back will not lock up again!

Just talked to Jon. He said the temple is an amazing place. It is very in your face of the totally different worldview. This place was designed and built by a famous Thai artist. Which makes it completely different from every other temple in Thailand.

It contains the artists conceptions of heaven, hell, and nirvana. It is white because he decided that was a more appropriate color for a temple than the traditional colors.

I read online that the toilet there is gold though, to symbolize the pursuit of worldly things and the value of them. I told the kids to watch for that! :)

Chris said Lilyann has been sending pictures. I haven't seen any yet. The ones that have data are busy shooting. Mary Ann doesn't have data. :)

Once I left the massage place, I noticed they were setting up lots of shops along the road and in the wat courtyard. I walked through "window shopping," looking at the interesting workmanship and wide variety of clothes and other goods for sale.

I was going to go lie down but was hungry, so stopped back in at Peppermint for some Kao Pad Jhae (Vegetarian fried rice) and mango shake.

I went back to the room and waited for my family to come home.

Found out that Chris, Sarah, and Jonathan had gone to Sticky Falls again! This time they also hiked above it to find the spring feeding the falls!

Jon tried to drive the kids to our place, but traffic was bad and quite a few roads were closed because of the walking street market.

He finally had to drop them off and they had to walk back, then he had to drive over and park at the Chiang Mai church and walk back too. It was several miles. The roads were very crowded!

Needless to say, it was late when we went to bed.

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