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Tuesday - Visitors! aka Pai to Sharons

Tuesday January 31

We enjoyed a yummy breakfast of rice and stir fry with cabbage and tofu.

Several village ladies came to visit. We all sat down on the floor because they are intimidated by how tall we are.

Lisa, with her daughter Memewah translating, was able to determine some of their needs and help them. She gave the two ladies with small children milk, gave the older ladies massage oil for their sore knees and backs. Also gave some them some vitamins and herbal remedies.

Natalie gave one grandma a back and knee massage.

It was neat getting to see the local people and being able to help in a very small way.

Sarah, Luke, Hannah, Destiny, Meme, and Memewah spent their time playing with kittens and hide-and-seek.

Sarah and Luke willingly helped with washing dishes and watering the garden. They had a lot of fun and really enjoyed being there!

Meanwhile, Jon, James, MaryAnn and Lilyann are on motorbikes shooting and experiencing the roads through the mountains of northwest Thailand. Also claiming Joshua 1:3 everywhere they went.

By noon, we were ready to find out how they were doing. In order to do that, you have to hike up a mountain on steep roads to get to the "cell phone" spot.

They were doing well. Still enjoying their adventure!😄

After lunch and some rest. Lisa had heard about a closer "cell phone" spot. So we went to find it. Lisa got service but Natalie and I didn't - different SIM cards.

Lisa was able to call Jon and learn they had some trouble with a shift lever breaking. God lead and they found someone to weld it back on within minutes. God is SO good!!

It was a couple more hours before they arrived, sore and exhausted. The girls went right to bed, but Jon and James had another problem. The shift lever had broken again. They have another "big" day tomorrow, and can't do it with only one bike. So they got to work to see if they could weld it back together or use the one from "James" bike - an older bike that Jason bought when James lived here with them last spring so he would have a bike of his own.

It worked! The shift lever, rusty and old, fit and worked on the newer bike! They will be up and off very early.

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