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A Down Day for Some!

Thursday February 2

We slept in some and went to the restaurant next door for breakfast at 10 am. We tried dried orange treats that most of us decided tasted mostly like orange peel, though a bit less sour and bitter. Most of us didn’t like them.

Natalie and Chris doing laundry at Dreher’s house.

James editing.

Girls resting. They are very tired from the last few long days. Fighting sore throats.

Sarah and Luke doing some school and playing games.

Jon and Natalie working.

Chris writing this blog.

We had a good time for a bit with Sharons at the guest house before they left. It is always hard to say goodbye to good friends!

In the evening we enjoyed a meal with the Stecks, Drehers, Hamiltons and their team, and Jason and Shoshana Sharon (until baby started to wake up and had to leave). As we were finishing, Jonathan Hill showed up with Gayle! We knew he was coming, but Gayle was his ride for the last part! An unexpected pleasure! Gayle took one look at Mary Ann, put her hands on her neck, and said, “She has a fever!”

She was worse than we thought.

Daniel Dreher drove us back to the guest house so we could go to bed!

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