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Dentistry in a Village!

Friday February 3

Up early because breakfast starts at 7. The young people here have worship in the chapel at 5:30. But we thought getting there for breakfast at 7 am was early enough, especially since so many of us are fighting sickness already.

After a delicious breakfast, we joined the dental clinic and traveled to a village about 20 minutes away. We had our first taste of "off roading."

Once everyone got here, we helped set up in a building behind the elementary school. All the tables and benches were cleaned with alcohol. The instruments were sorted out on paper towels along one bench.

We were ready for patients! But no one was there. So we waited...

They had announced we were coming over the loud speaker. That is how the villagers get their "news” every day. The Dentist was only doing extractions today. We weren't doing any cleanings, so that may be the reason we had fewer patients.

A patient!! Everyone got their cameras ready!!

This man wanted 2 teeth extracted. And he had 4 cameras filming the process. I wonder what he was thinking...

Between patients, we looked around.... School children just squatted and urinated in the school yard.

A little boy got his pants wet and the teacher took them off and hung them on a post to dry. (Good thing he had on a long shirt!)

A man's truck got stuck crossing the creek. Jason Sharon helped push him out.

Jack and Katie Hamilton (the dentist and his wife), were interviewed between patients. We were also able to interview Dr. Hamilton's assistant, Sydney, along with an MBT student (Medical and Bible Training).

While traveling back to Sunshine Orchard, we stopped at a roadside stand for some fresh greens to go in curry. 20 Baht for a big bag. That's 59 cents for us.

They were also selling something else ...

Red ant larva. It's very tasty when it's fried they say. 😳Eeek!

After lunch, Lilyann got a motorbike driving lesson from James. He said she was a quick learner.

We began Sabbath with the students in the chapel. Heard almost the end of Nyla and the White Crocodile. They stopped right at a major cliff-hanger!

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