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Branch Sabbath School!

Sabbath February 4

We had breakfast at 7am again. Church started at 8:30 am and Sabbath School was after that at 10am. Not sure why they do it that way.

They filmed a bit after Church. Most of the filming happened when we did outreach in the local villages (after lunch).

After we ate lunch, we divided into groups and traveled to the villages. Jon, James and Lilyann went with Hannah Steck and an MBT student. Luke, Sarah and Chris went with two other MBT students.

Both groups went visiting in two or three houses. We treated sick people, gave massages and hot/cold treatments.

Then we gathered all the children and had a small Sabbath School program. First they asked the children questions about the lesson they studied the previous week. Then they did a health nugget about drinking clean water and not smoking. The children enjoyed the Bible stories about Jesus death and resurrection. Afterward, if they answered the questions about last week's lesson correctly, they got to choose a prize. The prizes included bars of soap, toothpaste, combs, chapstick, and hair bows.

Before leaving, Lilyann interviewed Hannah.

Going out into the villages was a real blessing for us, and we hope it was for them also.

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