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Visiting a Village with Gayle!

Tuesday February 7

It was a cold night, 58 degrees F.

The boys, James and Luke, were sleeping outside in a tent. It was the same temperature inside the house as outside.

We were so excited to go a village with Gayle! Mary Ann was feeling tired from all the travel yesterday. So she and Natalie stayed at the clinic.

Around 10 am we headed out. After about 30 minutes Gayle realized that we hadn't grabbed the big bag with all the medicine and worship material. Blet Jhaw (Gayle's assistant, translator, and driver) offered to go back. Since Jon was ahead, and we had no way of letting him know what was going on, we all got out of the truck and walked to meet him. About 10 minutes later we found him, waiting at a split in the road.

Surprisingly, we had service at this spot. We spent the next hour getting caught up on FaceBook, emails, etc. They also interviewed Gayle.

In the village, Gayle has a family that she has connected with so we went to their house. They have decided to follow God, although they haven't yet been baptized. We are praising God for their decision to cut off all the devil strings!

After everyone that needed medical help had been seen, Gayle had worship with them. She is very good at simplifying the Bible stories and making them relevant.

Please pray for Gayle and her work here.

When we got "home", Luke helped make lunch. "Cooking here is fun because you can just be creative!" Luke says.

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