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Another Village! Last Day at Gayle's

Wednesday February 8

James woke up sick, nauseated. When we began eating breakfast, most of us had upset stomachs. Chris thinks it was because they took zinc on an empty stomach and, on top of that, we had raw garlic for breakfast.

Nothing was going to keep as many of us as possible from going to the village with Gayle! James decided it would be best if he stayed home. Mary Ann was feeling better, so she and Natalie were able to experience going to a village.

The road to the village is unlike anything Chris had ever traveled. Straight up, straight down, drop offs on both sides, think dense jungle and then open areas where you can see mountain ridge after mountain ridge. It's so beautiful!

The week before, they had told the villagers they would come on Thursday, and, since this was Wednesday, they weren't there. We learned that most of the people were gone working on an electricity project. Sadly, we wouldn't be able to wait for them to return.

A few ladies and children came for treatment. Sarah learned how to draw b12 into a syringe. She loved watching and helping Gayle any way she can.

We could watch Gayle all day as she interacts with the people here. She connects with the old and the young. She cares for them so much physically and spiritually.

One little boy in this house doesn't like her, actually attacked her a stick, then, when his mother took the stick away, he grabbed a machete and attacked her. His mom had to take him out to the water spigot and douse him over and over with cold water to get him to calm down. Pretty strong anger! Why? Because she had the nerve to take his temperature!

Chris decided to try riding in the back of the truck on the way home from the village. They were wearing masks because the roads are so dusty this time of year. She and the kids called themselves the "truck surfing bandits!"

As you stand in the back of the truck, you sometimes feel like you are standing parallel to the road. The roads here are so steep and bumpy! The bumps are easier to handle standing in the back than sitting inside the cab.

When we got home, we learned that James had thrown up 8 times while we were gone. By bedtime, he had thrown up 13 times and had diarrhea also. He was willing to try an IV. Gayle gave him two bottles of fluids. He felt some better and slept.

We had to get up early the next morning, and we all went to bed knowing this was our last night at Gayle's.

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