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On Nut Church Plant and Cookie Delivery!

Sabbath February 11

We visited a church plant in a slum in Bangkok. The rented church building is basically one room with a storage room and bathroom. There were three Sabbath School classes going on in one room: Children's, Thai, and English. It was loud but no one complained. Mostly Chris heard comments about how good the children were.

Jon gave the sermon with a translator. Then they moved a table over and set up lunch for everyone.

After lunch, we packaged cookies into really cute containers with red bows and a card that had a verse and a picture the kids had drawn. Then we took the cookies to the people in the slum for Valentine's Day.

After a brief rest, we walked about a mile to a restaurant to meet Natalie and James who flew into Bangkok from Mae Sot. It's good to have everyone back together!

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