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Love and Care

Tuesday February 14

This morning, we repacked our bags in order to leave as much stuff as possible in Bangkok while we traveled to Cambodia. It's really hard to move around with so much luggage!

Rodney picked us up at the hotel and we loaded his truck with people and luggage. We went to the TAM to drop off our unnecessary luggage. Whitsetts graciously allowed us to store these extra bags in the storage closet next to their office. What a relief to be freed from some of the luggage!

After this, we finally headed out to Love and Care Project's Orphanage, Rodney and Phimpha's place. The kids rode in the back with the remaining luggage. It was a tight squeeze! We were thankful, on the sunny day, for the bed cover to protect them from sunburn!

We were hungry, so stopped at a "rest area." Most of the food wasn't vegetarian, so we went into a place called MK. There were heating elements in the table. They put pots on them, then water in the pots. Then they turned them on. They brought us platters full of vegetables and tofu that we cooked for ourselves. There was a good sauce to dip the vegetables in. It was a very unique lunch! It reminded us of some Japanese food we have eaten before.

Mary Ann bought Natalie this doughnut that was very pretty for Mother's Day.

As you can see, you never know what you will see when you're traveling down the road.

We finally arrived there and

enjoyed time with the young people that live there. Unfortunately, I guess we didn't take many pictures!

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