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The road to Gayle's

Monday February 6

The plan was to get up, pack and go to Gayle's by 9 am.

However, we all had a really rough night. Luke vomited 3 times. Mary Ann vomited. Chris had a nightmare.

We felt the enemy attacking us so we wouldn't go to Gayle's. We prayed. We began to feel better. God is good!!

Finally packed and loaded into the truck by 11:30.

Kids and luggage in the back. Jon and James on the motorbikes. Natalie, Gayle, Mary Ann, and Chris in the cab of the truck.

Once off the main road, we stopped and changed drivers. From there on, Blet Jaw did the driving. We stopped and left one motorbike since James was not feeling up to riding for four hours.

The road to Gayle's was epic! We filmed a lot! We stopped along the way to interview Gayle where they almost lost the truck over the cliff.

The road to Gayle's is hard to describe. The bumps, the ruts, the inclines, the curves, passing other trucks, you have to experience it to really understand. Maybe we should describe it being like extreme off road 4 wheeling. It took us around 5 hours to get to Gayle's.

We were all hungry and pretty tired from all the jostling and bumping by the time we got there.

It's so beautiful here!! What a privilege it is to be here!! May we be a blessing somehow...

Everyone's one word description of traveling to Gayle's: Jon - epic Natalie - humbling James - crazy Mary Ann - tiring Chris - extreme Lilyann - bumpy Sarah - steep Luke - adventuresome

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