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Delay in Posting

March 17, 2017 Friday

Wanted to apologize for the delay in posting the rest of the trip blogs. We travelled so hard and so fast and didn't have good internet, so it became impossible to keep up! We went to Cambodia, where most internet was "sketchy." Then, the Wood family went to India. Then, Lilyann crushed her elbow and tore off a tendon, requiring surgery.

The Wood family is now home and attempting to recover from jet lag.

We have come away from the trip convicted that God has big plans for #MissionTREK! We had trials by funding, sickness, tiredness, travelness (haha, a new word!), heat, cold, theft, and finally, a broken arm.

We slept in about 25 beds (need to do a final count I think) in 8 weeks. One of our interviewees, Gem Castor, does a bed blog as he travels, tracing God's provision everywhere he goes. We didn't take the time to do that, since we were there to film the show, but it would have been a story in and of itself.

We will be attempting to complete posting of the rest of the blogs for the trip, hopefully soon!!

And, in case you're wondering, we have purchased a new used computer for editing and design, since the other one is locked up somewhere in Cambodia.

Please keep praying for this show and for the small team. There is a lot of production, shooting in studio, and post-production yet to do.

Update by MissionTREK Mom

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